Located in Oaxaca's downtown

Español Interactivo is located in Oaxaca's Centro Histórico (Historic Downtown), just one block from the zócalo (main square). Because of its lively atmosphere, the zócalo is considered one of the most spectacular main squares in México. Situated in the very heart of the city, close to all Oaxaca has to offer, the school environment is the perfect place to learn Spanish.

Santo Domingo Church Oaxaca


Located in a valley 1,555 meters above sea level, our mild climate creates the perfect environment for leisure and cultural activities. Within the city, enjoy the colonial architecture of convents and churches as well as the rich, exotic flavors of our justifiably famous cuisine.

Monte Alban archaeological ruins in Oaxaca


Within an hour of the city you'll find the fascinating archeological ruins of Monte Alban and Mitla, as well as the beloved, ancient tree at El Tule, and the lovely, natural hot springs at Hierve El Agua.

Teotitlan del Valle Oaxaca


Nearby indigenous villages include Teotitlán, famous for its intricate rugs, Ocotlán, with its knife craftsmen, the pottery centers of Coyotepec and Atzompa, and the wood carvers of Arrazola and Tilcajete.

Village market days in Oaxaca


Each day of the week is "market day" at one of the villages that surround our city — such as Zaachila, Tlacolula and Etla — where you can see how Oaxaca's people have traditionally traded for centuries.